Why use Agidale?

Agidale returns the relevant, most helpful results first!

Unlike many other websites, Agidale only returns the most relevant and helpful review for a book. This saves the users time, effort and also allows Agidale to estimate the quality, importance, and relevance of each and every review. The quality and importance of a review are independent from the number of times it is viewed and the rating it gives to a book.


People's time is precious, so Agidale pages load quickly. Speed is a benefit to users and it's also a competitive advantage that Agidale doesn't sacrifice without good reasons.

Easy to use

Simplicity and ease of use are in the heart of Agidale's products. While other websites may offer as many features as possible, Agidale chooses to focus on building a simpler and better accessibility book introduction system - one that includes only features that people need to achieve their goals.

Agidale can help to find things that change your life

Books are known to be able to change people's lives and Agidale could help you to find ones that change yours.

Agidale can surprise you

For common book search queries, Agidale returns a list of matching results. Agidale could also takes you to one of the relevant top rated results directly with the 'Surprise me' button. This could save time and can also bring opportunities to view new things that users often overlook.

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