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To do a book search in Agidale, just type in some descriptive keywords such as a book title, an ISBN, or an author's name and hit 'Search'. That's it.

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The "Surprise me" button takes you to one of the relevant top rated results directly. That means less time looking and more chances to be surprised by books that are often overlooked.

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Have any books changed the way you think? Found any books useful or not so useful?

Become a Freedom Writer, write and share your book reviews with Agidale and help other people. Start by click on the "Write Review" button and select the type of review you want to create.

You could create a text review and/or upload your review with an audio or a video. Agidale accepts most popular multimedia file extensions such as .mp3, .wav for audio and .avi, .mp4, .wmv for video.

You can also comment on other people's reviews and vote if they are helpful to you.


Love reading and telling stories? Become a Storyteller and start to tell and sell your story on Agidale.

Click on the "Tell and Sell" button, upload your audio story file, set a unit price, submit and you are ready to go.

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