Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I use a YouTube video as a review?

Sometimes it is helpful to use a YouTube video as a review. When creating a new text review you could copy and paste a YouTube link into the Review Text field (see an example below) and Agidale will automatically recognise and transform the review to show the YouTube video.


How do transaction fees work?

Transaction fees cost 30% of the unit price excluding any Paypal's Cross Border and Currency Conversion Fees. 10% goes to the book's author(s) and 20% goes to Agidale's administrative and operating fees.

In cases the book's author(s) cannot be reached the same amount will go to literacy and life-saving supported organisations and charities.

What is a bonus 24/7 preview?

"A bonus 24/7 preview" for storytelling is based on a famous part of the ceremony for handing out the Ig Nobel Prize. In which, speakers need to give a complete technical description of their work in 24 words, and then a 7 word explaination that is more or less understandable for the public, and it may be either tongue-in-cheek or serious.

When this option is selected Agidale will automatically create a new file which contains the first 31 seconds (24 + 7) of the main story and use it as a preview.

Is it possible to get a refund for a story?

Agidale does not give refunds for most story purcharses. However there are exceptions (see refund policies below).

Agidale refund policies
Depending on your specific situation, you may be able to request a refund for a story within 7 working days of purchase as long as you haven't downloaded or played it. Once you download, you can't cancel your order for a refund unless it doesn't work properly.

Most stories are created by third-party storytellers. If the purchase isn't what you expected or doesn't work you can get support from the storyteller of the story. The storytellers should support their stories and make sure they work well for you.

You should contact the storyteller if:

  1. You have a question about a story.
  2. You made a story purchase but it wasn't delivered or isn't working as you expected.
  3. You want a refund and it's more than 48 hours since you made the purchase. The storyteller can help with purchase issues, and can process refunds according to their policies and applicable laws.

Note: If you give your account or payment details to someone else, appear to be abusing our policies, or don’t protect your account with authentication, we usually can’t issue a refund.

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