Our Mission

Agidale's missions are to connect and helping people to share information, their knowledge, and imagination.

Our Company

As the first step to fulfil our missions, Agidale was founded to make it easier to find high-quality book information, and to build one of the most open book communities. Agidale was based on its founder's project which took root in the University of Greenwich Computer Science Department.

Agidale Limited is a privately held company, registered in Scotland, UK. Company registration number 568269.

Headquarters and registered office

Agidale Ltd.
95 Gairn Terrace
Aberdeen, AB10 6AY

The meaning of Agidale

Agidale means a path to special places. We picked the name "Agidale" because everybody has their path. Either it is to be a doctor, a nurse, an architect, or a businessman, we'd like to help everyone in their path if and where possible. Also, the name Agidale is easy to remember, has 7 letters, sounds pretty cool, simple, and fun.

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